Monday, May 29, 2017


Our friends, the Guenthers, went out of town for the week and brought us a jar with a stick in it. We promised we would put it in a safe place and make sure that it was returned to them when they were all done having fun in Utah. I was positive we wouldn't be seeing anything hatch. They had been watching it since LAST FALL.  

And then, Monday morning, I was walking by the jar and realized that there was more than just a stick in there!

The Guenther's Giant Silk Moth just couldn't wait a few more days to hatch. I felt so bad! 

So we took it outside for a photo shoot. Those sweet kids at least needed to see some pictures of their amazing creature...

Here he is with his stick and chrysalis:

He had the coolest furry red legs! And look at his amazing antennae!

And big, shiny black eyes!

He was so BIG!


We've been keeping our bird feeder full for most of the spring, so we had quite a collection of birds sitting on the rooftops and drooling over our moth.

Laney was standing guard with a stick. Ready to chase away any bird that came too near. 

We brought him back inside and then drove him out to Lone Elm Park to let him free. He had a better chance of survival out there than at the Hufford Bird Buffet.

I still feel bad that we enjoyed the reward of the Guenther's patient waiting, but it really was pretty spectacular!

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